Hi. I’m Marc.

Black and white photo of Marc smiling, wearing a collared shirt.

I’m a researcher, service designer and civic technologist, solving complex challenges with others. Here is some of my work.

Image with a white background. In the top left is the  U.S. Department of Homeland Security Seal with an eagle on the front, a shield over its chest, an olive branch in one foot and arrows in the other. The words, "U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services" is in the top right. Half of an American flag with a brass-looking flag poll is also features. Image is under a Creative Commons license from https://www.uscreditcardguide.com/wp-content/uploads/immigrationUS.jpg

Standing up a data experience practice with data scientists and engineers

Blue bar graph with five bars on a scale from 0 to 600 # Clients Helped Today. They include Mail & Fax 5, Lobby 89, Phones 157, Text / Chat 236 and App 522.

Building better dashboards for frontline teams, supervisors and managers of social safety net services

Calfresh logo written in lowercase letters in green, and split between "cal" and "fresh" by four overlapping circles, each colored differently - orange, light brown and two reds - with curving green lines across them. Beneath the letter and circled desigh are the words, "BETTER FOOD FOR BETTER LIVING."

Helping people more easily access money to pay for food

Child Protective Services. HSA Family and Children's Services (FCS) responds to reports of suspected child abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Reuniting families separated by the protective services system

"BenefitsCal" is written in white and orange letters. Near it is the outline of a white bear in a circle. The circle seems to be a sunset/sunrise on the top and green earth on the bottom half. The background is blue.

Transitioning organizational cultures and technical systems

Logo for the San Francisco Digital Services team with a blue icon of city hall on a white background.

Advancing digital services, design and modern product development in government

San Francisco Office of Early Care & Education is written in black text with it's logo" OECE" to the left. The 'O' is red, 'e' is blue, 'c' is green and 'e' is yellow.

Supporting families to access quality, subsidized childcare

San Francisco Human Services Agency is written in black lettering with its logo to the left in blue lines forming a square with rounded edges. In it is a circle and in that looks like a petal with the ends of four ovals touching in the middle of the local, each pointing in a different direction - north, south, east and west - and four tiny circles between the ovals.

Scaling service design across a dozen public programs; staffed by 1,000+ employees, serving 150,000+ people

A woman's face with with the words, "Creativity Never Gets Old" written to the left. Her face has a transparent rectangle that goes from the bridge of her nose to above her eyebrows. She appears older and grayer in this section of the picture, but her forehead and hair above the rectangle and below it featuring the tip of her nose, smile and neck appear to be younger. She appears to be darker in complexion.

Assisting a division of 20+ people that serves older adults to manage frequent policy and procedural changes

California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) is written in black letters on two, yellow brushstrokes.

Improving the onboarding experiences of hundreds of families receiving social safety net services


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I respectfully acknowledge the Ramaytush Ohlone People, who have stewarded the land throughout the generations where this digital site was physically created. (What’s this?)